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Dine with us AT "CHEZ BB"

At the Bergerie aux Bains we have a new Lebanese concept that will delight your taste buds.Please stay tuned as we will publish our menu soon!

Book your table now and get ready for an explosion of flavors and an incredible atmosphere.

Food Photography


Opening hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 10h-14h. 17h-22h

Thursday: 10h-14h  17h-22h

Friday: 10h-14h   17h-22h

Saturday: 10h-14h   17h-22h

Sunday: 10h - 17h

Reservations by email at: or

call at +41 79 238 77 15


Breakfast . Lunch . Dinner

If you are staying in our resort,

please note that you can also order

breakfast directly to your apartment.

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